Wadhurst History Society Exhibition

On Saturday 2nd June, Wadhurst History Society held an Exhibition in the Commemoration Hall to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation to the very day.

We also held a smaller exhibition of the Suffragette/Suffragist movement in Kent and East Sussex, plus some national media reports about Emily Davison and meetings held at the Albert Hall. We have not, as yet, found any names of ladies from Wadhurst who took part, despite contacting other well known groups who were documented as having taken part.

Wadhurst History Society Display – Image courtesy of Anthony Cosham

Our display included three boards about the movement and the same number of tables, which held further reading matter and one or two artefacts. It was rewarding to see how many people stood at the display boards, or sat at the tables, reading the material on them.

Afterwards it was most interesting to read the comments left in the visitors’ book.

This story was submitted by Rachel Ring with images provided by Anthony Cosham