Madeline Whitty – Senior Graphic Designer

The design of this project has taken its inspiration from the heart of our community to remember, and most importantly, to commemorate the role of East Sussex during the First World War. Foremost, we encourage you to share your memorabilia and the stories that you can recall by adding them to the website.

The First World War is a fascinating subject that brings together a wealth of knowledge and emotion. I felt it was my responsibility to create the right tone for the website to reflect and hold this suitably.

For me, it’s important that this website takes you on a gentle journey back through time using a medium which people of all ages can participate and engage with easily.

One of my favourite pastimes used to be listening to my Grandpa talking about his experiences during the war (that’s him and I on his 96th birthday in the photo). He didn’t serve in the First World War, but I still think it’s amazing that he did, in fact, live through both wars. Growing up I would listen to every incredible story he had to share. It is my wish that this website becomes a place for all the many unheard stories from within our community.

This website also provides a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the many partners who are instrumental to the success of this project. So you might recognise some design elements from The Keep, which will be the future home for our collection. We’ve also referenced stylistic elements from 1914 with the greyscale and sepia colours, and we integrated the iconic WW1 poppies into the logo and footer which we hope will resonate with you.

It has been an honour to work on this project. I’m pleased that this can be shared with others and hope the community will embrace this opportunity to commemorate such a significant event in history. Write that letter to us, email us that photo or send that tweet. We’d love to hear your stories: Add your story.