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About Recording Remembrance – the Sussex War Memorials Project

You can take part in an exciting project to record all forms of war memorial across Sussex. The project is being run by East Sussex and West Sussex County Councils, and is part of a wider project being undertaken by many councils to build on the data nationwide.

We have a basic list of known memorials from the Imperial War Museum (IWM) but that list is not comprehensive.

The aim of the project is to:

  • Enhance the IWM’s archive, ensuring that there is a lasting record of the war memorials detailing their inscriptions, locations and condition. We are also hoping to find some entirely unknown memorials to add to the list.
  • Add the data to the East and West Sussex Historic Environment Records to ensure that the war memorials are recorded for future generations.
  • Use the photographs you provide to help us to pass on information to the War Memorials Trust so they can assess whether conservation work is required.
  • Research the men and women inscribed on the war memorials to discover their stories.

Who can take part in this recording?
It’s a community project and anyone can help out. If you have young children, this is a great, hands-on way to get involved in local history.

Which war memorials are we recording?
Although the project coincides with the centenary of the First World War, we want to record memorials commemorating all wars and peacekeeping. And we want to encompass the wide variety of types from simple plaques to memorials halls, humble park benches to noble obelisks.

How to take part

Recording Remembrance websiteStep 1: Register on the Recording Remembrance website You’ll find links to guidance on the page.

Step 2: Visit a memorial near you. If the war memorial you know about is not on the list or we don’t have the complete information on it yet, then you can help by going out to the actual memorial, photographing and recording the data about it.

Step 3: Add to a war memorial record on the Recording Remembrance website.

The project runs for the duration of the centenary commemorations, from August 2014 until November 2018.

Online, email or post
The Recording Remembrance website is a cross-county partnership website and you will leave this East Sussex WW1 website to enter the data there. We hope you enjoy using this online method. However, if you would like to send the information using by a different method, please post or email the data to the contact details given at the bottom of this page using one of these forms:

Please note that due to the high number of war memorials within the county (we estimate there to be around 800), it will not be possible to independently verify all of the information you send us. Therefore, any data you supply to us will be made available on the Recording Remembrance website and then verified, where possible, at a later date. East Sussex County Council cannot take any responsibility for information which is inaccurate or the appropriateness of non-validated data.

If at any point you wish to make a comment on one of the war memorials records then please contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Post: HER Officer, The Keep, Woollards Way, Brighton BN1 9BP

Thank you very much for taking part in Recording Remembrance.